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What does Room Estate offer? Room Estate is a young Swiss provider of furnished rooms with services in Zurich, Basel and Lucerne. Our offer suits young professionals between 18 and 35 years. We let rooms in shared flats as well as studios. Our objective is to offer a pleasant and flexible accommodation with a minimum stay of 3 months. 

What is included in the rent? Our rooms are furnished, provided with Internet, have a cleaning service for all communal rooms, include Billag (state taxes for radio and television), water + electricity and additional costs, and the use of the washing machine. The services in some buildings can differ.

Where are the Room Estate rooms located? Our rooms are located in Swiss cities. At the moment we offer rooms in Zurich, Basel and Lucerne.

For applicants

Can I view the room? If you are interested you can contact us via email info@roomestate.ch or telephone +41 62 873 22 11. Have the address of the room ready, so that we can help you quickly.

How can I apply? To apply for a room you can go through the application on the advertisement of the room on our homepage. If you have any questions contact us via email info@roomestate.ch or
telephone +41 62 873 22 11

I am looking for a room starting in a few months. How can I proceed? At Room Estate again and again rooms will be available. You can just send us the desired date and we will note it on the waiting list. Please contact us. 

Which documents are required?

Generally we need the following documents for the application:
•    Identity Card or Passport
•    Employment Contract
•    Debt Extract (Swiss Citizens)

An incomplete application reduces your chance to get a room. However it can be considered.

What is the minimum rental period? Room Estate offers rooms with a minimum stay of three months. In some cases the period can differ from the three months. 

How long is the period of notice? The period of notice is three months.

Can I move in with my friends? A collective application with friends is possible. The applications have to be sent individually and there has to be a note with whom you want to move in.

Can we share a room in two people? In shared flats normally only one person is allowed per room. Only in the studios you can live in two on request.

How can I pay at Room Estate? The rent and all additional services have to be paid via bank transaction. If you wish you can also pay with giro cheque.

Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes, with the Basic option you have to pay three monthly rents. After the tenancy and if all claims resulting from the tenancy are payed, we will refund the full deposit amount. The comfort option only requires 1 instead of 3 monthly rents as deposit. The monthly costs are CHF 19.-

Does Room Estate offer parking lots? Generally Room Estate does not offer parking lots. The Swiss cities offer the possibility to buy parking permits at the police station.

For current tenants

How can I register with the city? All Swiss cities have a residents registration office. You can find a list with addresses and contacts on the website of the city:
•    Zurich: www.stadt-zuerich.ch/portal
•    Basel: www.bs.ch
•    Lucerne: www.stadtluzern.ch

How can I move into my room? At the beginning of your tenancy the key of the apartment will be deposited in front of the apartment. You can move into the room after 12 a.m. on the first day of your tenancy.

There is a defect in my room. How can I proceed? Defects you found when moving in, can be reported to the landlord within 48 hours after the beginning of the tenancy. Afterwards the defects have to be taken over by the tenant. To report a defect at the beginning of you tenancy please use the following form. 
If there is a defect that has occurred during the tenancy please send us an email with a detailed description of the defect to info@roomestate.ch

I want to quit my tenancy. What do I need to do? If nothing else is agreed, you can quit the tenancy with a period of notice of three months to the end of the month, except in December. The written notice of termination has to arrive before the end of the month. We recommend sending the termination by registered mail. In any case the termination needs to be signed by your one hand. 

If you want to quit the tenancy earlier you have to present a new tenant, what will be explained below.

How can I find a new tenant? The new tenant needs to be reasonable and solvent. Therefore you need to find a tenant that suits into our pattern: Between 18 and 35 years old and employed. You will find more information on the page of the tenancy associations: https://www.mieterverband.ch / http://www.asloca.ch / http://www.asi-infoalloggio.ch

What do I need to consider when moving out? When you are moving out you need to take all your personal belongings from your room as well as the communal areas with you. We will clean your room at the end of your tenancy.

What happens if I do not handover the room in a proper condition? If the rental property is not in a proper condition we will charge you the extra cost for repairs.