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The Perfect Room in Your City

Stay at the biggest coliving provider in Switzerland.

We do Coliving

Beautifully designed

Move into a nicely furnished and fully equipped home. Everything is ready for you, from the teaspoon to the cuddly bed.

Sustainable living

Coliving is a more sustainable way to live. Renounce nothing, share resources & help avoiding waste by reusing furniture.

Global community

Live with likeminded people and join a global community. Socializing or private time, our apartments are big enough for both.

At your fingertips

Say no to complicated apartment search, no to paper and no to rental contracts that take forever to arrive. Experience our digital & easy platform and say hello to 21st century.

You get more than a room – you get a home!

“There’s always something going on”

“You don’t have to buy any stuff to be comfy”

“If I had to leave I’d miss the people”

“I got to live in a very large flat”

A great community of amazing people

Room Estate is a lifestyle choice! Join a community of likeminded people and connect with new friends.

Meet for dinner, go out for a drink, or binge watch the latest episodes of your series. Whatever you prefer, experiences are better if shared!

find. apply. move.

Explore the biggest cities in Switzerland

Find the perfect room with the people you like in one of our expanding cities.

Awarded tech leader

Stay tuned with our community management app and organize the flat-sharing community on your mobile device.