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Privacy Policy




This privacy policy applies to all products, services, features, apps, technologies and software (hereinafter referred to as "Services") offered by Room Estate AG and its subsidiaries (hereinafter also referred to as "Room Estate", "we" or "us").

Data protection principles

Our services have been created to provide you as a tenant or future tenant with a simple and unique living experience in administration and community organization. We know that people from different backgrounds, backgrounds or life situations make use of our services and thus, depending on the situation, they can contact you more or less, share information with you or view your information. It is important that you know what information is shared when, how, where and with whom and how you can customize the settings of this information to your personal needs and desires.

Privacy levels


1. Private information area

This data or information can only be accessed by you, Room Estate and, if required by law, the relevant authorities. We will never disclose your date of birth (other than your age as a number such as "24 years old"; see points 2 and 3 below), social security numbers, official identity cards, employment contracts, salary information or any other sensitive data or documents, share them with other Room Estate tenants or otherwise disclose them in any other way, unless expressly stated otherwise or otherwise defined in point "Privacy Levels" below.


2. Community area

The Community includes the area of all users or people who live, will live or have lived together with you in the same apartment, the same house or otherwise in a certain manner and the contractual legal transaction in connection with the Community has not yet been concluded.


We tell your community (e.g. your flatmate) when, where and to what extent you live, will live or have lived in the shared flat. In general, your roommates can access all data related to Living in the Community. In addition, we pass on your personal contact details (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) to the other members of your community so that you can exchange information within the community. Finally, information on purchases and other organizational or administrative activities within the scope of our services are passed on.


The following non-exhaustive list is intended to give you an overview of which information we pass on to your community:

  • Your full name
  • Your age (not date of birth)
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • Conclusion of rental agreement or move-in
  • Enter notice or move-out
  • Conversations and activities in the community
  • etc.


3. Room estate Total community area

The total community area of Room Estate includes all users with a Room Estate user account. Once a room becomes available within your community, we can provide all Room Estate users with the following information:

  • First Name (you can change your first name by using a nickname)
  • Age (not date of birth)
  • sex
  • nationality
  • profile photo
  • All other profile information (see point 3.3)


4. Public area

The public area includes all users with access to all information within our services who do not require a user account. In principle, we do not publicly provide any information about you.

Types of data and information

You can find out in detail which data our users share with which third parties and to what extent in our data protection declaration. However, we would like to provide you with more information about our privacy practices and how we treat your information in our Data Policy. Below you will find the interest groups that are related to your content or data and which data they can see.


1. Personal information

Your personal information includes data that is directly related to your identity (e.g. name, date of birth, nationality, etc.), your place of residence (e.g. residential address) or your professional or educational activity (e.g. employer, place of training, etc.).


Please note that this information is primarily used by us to confirm your identity, solvency and other minimum criteria for concluding a contract and to delete it as soon as possible (e.g. after you have moved out of one of our rental properties). In the context of a contractual, legal or judicial regulation, the respective responsible data will be passed on (e.g. third party reporting obligation when concluding a rental agreement).


2. Contact information

Contact information includes any information that can be used to contact you. In particular, three types of contact information are processed by us:

  • telephone numbers
  • email addresses
  • Postal Addresses


These data will only be passed on in case of legitimate interest (e.g. to your roommates, external service personnel, authorities when moving in, etc.) and will never be published.


3. Profile information

Profile data is data and content that is intended to reflect your personality. You can decide for yourself how much of this information you provide. In order for us to bring the right people together into a community, this information is shared with other users in connection with your name (nickname, if any), age, gender and nationality, and cannot be hidden from other users at Room Estate unless expressly stated otherwise.


In particular, your profile data will be passed on to your community (see privacy levels) or, in the case of a rental object becoming available in your community, shared with other potential interested parties.


4. Administrative data

This is information about your legal transactions, payments and all contractual transactions in connection with us. This data is required for administrative purposes and will not normally be passed on to others.


Please note that in certain cases (e.g. debt collection) these data may be passed on to third parties in connection with other personal information.


5. Metadata

Metadata is information and data that is collected or created in the course of your use of our services and provides us with information about your conduct with respect to our products.

Role of Privacy at Room Estate

Data protection is an important and central component for us, which is why we include data protection from the outset in the further development of our services and products. We seek advice from experts in various fields such as data protection law, security, UI design, UX design, development and product management.

Continuous improvement

We are constantly working to improve Room Estate's products and services and make them safer. We always try to keep our software up to date and thus guarantee the security and up-to-dateness of our functions.


All other information can be found in our Data Policy.