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German precision at its finest

The co-habitation of people requires a reliable partner. For this reason our co-living concept is based on the typical German virtues such as politeness, punctuality and diligence.

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Let’s bring co-living to the next level

Co-Living is an innovative living concept tailored to the needs of a modern society and the world of work. We are your partner to enable the tenants of the future to live in a community. Get in touch with us to check your property.

Our local representation

Providing the most advanced co-living technology on the market, we are on the way of becoming one of the biggest players in the German co-living market. Our unique community building and maintaining system enables the partners of our local representative Logicom Living GmbH.

What we search for

  • Unfurnished apartments or whole buildings starting from 3 rooms
  • Inner city locations of Germany's top 7 cities
  • Good connection to public transport
  • Durations starting from 3 years
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Co-living in Germany

We know what the needs of the German real estate industry are and have therefore adapted our model specifically to the local market. Co-Living by Room Estate means investing in a long-term trend that will shape more and more the German market. Be part of it and join us as a partner for your property or real estate project.


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Sven Schürch