Community? Managed.

Stay tuned with our community management app and organize the flat-sharing community on your mobile device

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Superior lifestyle for young & independent people

At Room Estate, we believe that co-living and other shared housing forms are a superior lifestyle for young and independent people. That's why we're always looking to develop new and innovative solutions for you and your community.

Community updates

Personal Feed

Our app is the best way to keep track of the latest events at home and within the Room Estate community. Get updates on new flatmates, moving ins and outs and many other happenings.

Full Control

Decide for yourself what you want to be notified about.

Share expenses

Balance and settlements

Share the common expenses with your flatmates and be always up to date with our integrated balance statement. Then simply settle the costs directly from the balance between you and your fellow tenants.


No more issues with Netflix & Co. - Add all your expenses occuring regulary as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Communicate together

Community chat

Chat with your whole community without having to add new members or removing old members.

Private chat

Get in touch with whomever you want to in private.

Track chores

Cleaning schedule

Never ever forget who is in charge of the cleaning. Simply schedule your chores in the flat and go along with anybody.

Sky is the limit

Add whatever chores you and your flatmates want to. Set a cooking schedule, manage who is bringing out the garbage or just give the permision on who is choosing the movie on Friday night.

It's a lifestyle choice

Become a tenant and use the world's leading co-living technology at Room Estate.

Ready for the next step?

Co-Living <3

Connecting to your community, exchanging ideas or solving everyday problems.