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Community Rules




Room Estate Communities are organized autonomous from the community itself. To maintain a high quality of life for every person in the community, the following Community Rules must be followed:

  • No discrimination, in particular every discrimination because of origin, culture, religion, look or gender is prohibited and leads to an exclusion form the community.
  • Tolerance of other lifestyles.
  • Mutual consideration and respect to other residents, neighbors and employees of Room Estate
  • Discussions, problems and disputes are first discussed in person and with respect among the concerning people. Room Estate is the last authority if a conflict between two community members arises.


The privacy of each community member must be respected.

  • It is prohibited to enter a room of a community member without his permission.
  • It is not allowed to open post of another community member.
  • Everyone must respect the property of the other community members. This applies particularly for food, supplies and consumables in the community areas.


Household materials which are not provided from Room Estate have to be organized by the community members.

  • The garbage must only be disposed in the intended garbage bags.
  • The garbage must be disposed immediately if the garbage bag is full. Full garbage bag must not be stored in the community areas, private rooms or on the balcony.
  • The garbage must be separated and glass, aluminum as well as PET must be disposed at the intended return points.
  • Paper and carton must be disposed according to the valid removal plan.
  • All community members are responsible in the collective body of the community for the correct disposal of the garbage.

Cleanliness / Hygiene

A tidy, clean and comfortable environment supports the overall wellbeing as well as the communication among the community members. Every community member is responsible for the hygienic maintenance of the community areas. The community members organize the cleaning, within the limitation of the community rules, independently of Room Estate.


  • After each use, the kitchen must be cleaned and tidied up.
  • Washing-up must immediately be done after cooking and leftovers must be stowed or disposed.
  • After cooking, the hobs, worktops and the sink must be cleaned properly.
  • Before a longer absence, all perishable food must be consumed or disposed.

Bath / Toilet

  • After taking a shower, the bathroom must be ventilated thorough.
  • After the toilet was used, it has to be cleaned with the toilet brush.
  • Empty shampoos, deodorants etc. must be disposed immediately.


Guests are welcome in the communities of Room Estate. Hospitality is important for the wellbeing and should be supported. However, to keep up the pleasure in welcoming guests, the following rules must be followed:

  • The host is fully responsible for his guests.
  • If guests stay through the night, the consensus of all community members is necessary.
  • If guests stay longer than three days, also the permission of Room Estate is required. In addition, those guests staying longer than three days must be reported to Room Estate.

Music / Noise / Sleeping Hours

Noise must be avoided and must be limited to a minimum. Entertainment and music appliances must be operated at low volume. Between 22 pm and 6 am are the legal sleeping hours and it must be absolutely quiet.


To keep the offer attractive and to ensure a trouble-free usage of the rented rooms and the community areas, the following general rules must be followed:

  • Economical usage of electricity, water and other resources
  • During heating period, the living space must be ventilated short and strongly. It is prohibited to keep windows permanently half open.
  • If nobody is present, the light must be turned off.
  • In all Room Estate premises smoking is strictly prohibited. Smoking is only allowed outdoors or on the balcony. Cigarette ends must not be thrown on the floor and every garbage must be disposed.

House rules

The house rules are an integral part of these Community Rules and are issued in the respective residential building. If the house rules are missing in the house, they can be applied for at Room Estate.