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Edward's Story April 13, 2019

Edward (24) got a new job in Switzerland and was able to connect really fast to the local people, thanks to Room Estate. Get more on his experience for living the first time in a flat-sharing community in our interview.


What is your story?

So, my story of why I am here is: I started of in the UK selling cars, got offered a job to come work here in Switzerland. I said why not? There was nothing holding back, I was up for a new adventure. Work, when I first moved here, gave me accommodation for a month and I had to find my own place after that. Now, because I didn’t speak any German, it was quite hard for me. I had to keep on searching and searching and then I finally found Room Estate. When I found it, I clicked on it and it was laid out amazingly, nice and easy function to use. I called up with some more questions. The help was really good. Nice and friendly service. Helped me find it and everything. Then, they offered me come down to take a look at the place, they showed me around, showed me what it would be like. I got to view the different rooms. I picked the room I wanted and I went for it. And yeah, I love it and I wouldn’t change a thing.


What would you have done without Room Estate?

So, without Room Estate I probably wouldn’t know where I would have gone. I probably would have stayed at the guy’s house I was staying in before. It wasn’t the nicest place. But yeah, it would have been difficult to find something else. Especially, that has the furnitures, that has such a good location and has a good price. And one of the main reasons I came here, is the community and you meet other people. Where I was there, it was just an older person who I didn’t know and I didn’t speak to, so, I probably wouldn’t be enjoying or wouldn’t have stayed in Switzerland for as long as I have, if it wasn’t for Room Estate.


How did you get along with your roommates?

With my roommates here, it’s an interesting type of lifestyle. I have not done it before. So it is interesting that you come to a place like this and you are meeting other people from other places and you’ve got to learn how to adjust on how they like other things and they have to learn how to adjust to you. Everyone likes different things at different times, so it’s an interesting community but it’s a good way of place to meet people, especially when you are not from here. And I think at first, at start, everybody is kind of stuck and quite separate because everybody wants their own thing. But you gave us a few months and we are all together, always doing stuff. We are meeting up together, having BBQ’s in the summer. It was really good. It was like a little family that you had here.


Who would you recommend Room Estate to?

Room Estate, I would definitely recommend to anyone at all. The reason why is: It’s any easy place to get in to. There is always nice people that you meet when you’re in there, as well. So, if your in a new country it is a good place to meet people and it’s got everything that you need. In your room, you know, beds, bedside tables, cupboards, everything that you need. And it’s a good price, so I recommend it to absolutely everyone.


What would you miss if you left the community?

If I had to leave this community, I’d miss the people. The people here are like a family to me now. People I can talk to, people I can trust, people I can go to and that is the biggest thing I think I’d miss.




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