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Daniel's Story April 05, 2019

Daniel (23) has been a Room Estate tenant for a year and lives in a shared flat with 8 people. How does it work? Find out more in out interview.


Daniel, what is your story?

I come from Munich and I wanted to start a new life in Switzerland. I found a job and needed then an apartment without having to view them physically. I then came across Room Estate via online research and was able to take a virtual look at the individual shared flats their rooms online. I still had a few unanswered questions. Then I contacted Room Estate directly by phone and was surprised about the friendly contact. All my questions were answered. And what made me even more happy was that I was able to conclude my rental contract within a few 30 or 60 minutes on the same day. Everything was then setup and I was really happy it went so well.


What would you have done without Room Estate?

Without Room Estate I would probably have moved into a rather overpriced single apartment. There are similar offers that are specifically limited to a single apartment. They are much more old-fashioned in style and twice as expensive. I would probably have moved into a room like this so I wouldn't have to come to Zurich to look for an apartment.


What do you like most about Room Estate?

What I like most about Room Estate is that I live together with 8 different people in my shared flat. Eight different people from different cultures come together and we form a community. I am always surprised how great it works in practice.


Who would you recommend Room Estate to?

I would recommend Room Estate to my friends from Germany so that they can easily start their new life in Switzerland and live with like-minded people.


How do you get along with your fellow tenants?

I got along quite well with my flatmates right from the start. We were all quite new in Switzerland. We wanted to inquire about Switzerland [together]. We also wanted to go out in the evening in some bars. We had the same questions. You didn't feel so alone at all. We had the same background. Some of us were already from Switzerland. The ones who can pick us up better then, the Inernationals. So, it was a great combination of people who wanted to start a new life together in Zurich.


What can you say about living in a community?

I can only recommend living in a shared flat. You come home in the evening, you're not alone, you have people around you, there's something going on, it's definitely not boring. You always have a bit of action, a bit of fun and it's varied. On the other hand, you live different cultures together, you also [constantly] learn from each other. And of course it's also cheaper. Living in an expensive big city like Zurich is just about half the price, as if you were just looking for a new apartment.





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