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Intissar's Story April 05, 2019

Intissar (26) almost could not have started her new job in Switzerland. Find out why it still worked out in our interview.


What is your story?

Hello, I am the Intissar. I am a physiotherapist. I found my job in Zurich relatively quickly. The problem was much more finding an apartment. In the beginning I didn't know whether I wanted a studio or an apartment. The prices are very high and I searched the internet every day until I came across the website of Room Estate. There I saw that you can apply online. I immediately contacted them by phone. They gave me the information about the prices, the deposit and so on. I got the contract, was able to sign it and got the key quickly. For me it was practical, because I had very little time.


What do you like most about Room Estate?

What I like most about Room Estate is the large apartment. Here, I have the opportunity to live in a very large apartment. It's really great for me. I also got to know new people. Especially at the beginning it is very important. What is also very important for me is that everything is included in the price. I know exactly what I have to pay per month.


What would you have done without Room Estate?

Without Room Estate I probably would not have been able to accept my job. I would have had other options, such as taking a hotel room. But that would have been far too complicated. Fortunately, it worked out.


Who would you recommend Room Estate to?

In particular, I would recommend Room Estate to people from abroad who have no idea of the laws. Here at Room Estate it is quite clear what you have to pay monthly.


How do you get along with your roommates?

The contact with the roommates here was great and pretty easy. Although we come from different countries and different regions. But the whole thing makes us understand each other very well. You speak different languages like German, French, English and Italian. I think that's really great.


What would you miss if you had to leave the community?

What I would miss here is the "all inclusive" price and the simplicity of the service, such as the furnishing.




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