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Is there a need for rules in a shared flat? November 02, 2018

You're moving into a shared flat and just don't want any restrictive rules? Finally enjoy the newly won freedom and settle things spontaneously. Nobody who tells you what to do. Your roommates are similarly relaxed and see things the same way you do. As nice as that sounds at first, after a few weeks the house blessing could hang crooked.



Why it needs some rules

In the shared flat it will quickly become apparent that everyone has a different view of order, cleanliness or expenses. In the kitchen or bathroom, you may clean up your things after yourself while your roommate leaves everything lying around. The next day you have to wash the dirty dishes yourself before you can cook.


The first time you say nothing out of politeness, the second time you get on your nerves and the third time you burst your collar. A short time later there is a loud confrontation in the corridor. This can be avoided with a few arrangements in advance.



Where do you need rules?

For the shared rooms of the SHARED FLAT it is advisable to discuss their use and maintenance at the beginning. This may seem strict, but it does not have to be. For example, it may be sufficient for everyone to fill the dishwasher well once a week and collect everything by then. As long as there is enough crockery available, everything is fine. If this has been agreed beforehand, nobody will be bothered.


Communication is important here. It is important to clarify beforehand whether one's own ideas about maintenance agree with those of the flatmates. This refers to all aspects of living together. The willingness to compromise and openness towards other attitudes are basic prerequisites for living in a shared flat.



Shopping and spending

All common issues should be discussed. These may be small things such as regular purchases or larger purchases such as furniture and the like.  Clarifying budget issues is indispensable for a harmonious get-together. Purchasing is mainly about questions such as how: Which products are used by everyone in the shared flat and therefore belong on the common shopping list? In addition, it should be discussed who goes shopping when. If inhabitant A always does the shopping and inhabitant B never has time, but always likes to eat and drink along, a shopping plan could also be the solution.



Guests in the shared flat

Guests are allowed in every apartment, including the shared flat. However, you also have to observe the house rules and follow them. Especially rest periods should not be disregarded and the neighbours should be informed at parties. Guests are a point that can also be discussed within the shared flat, but requires a lot of tolerance. In principle, no one can forbid the other. But in a flat-sharing community consideration for the flatmates is very important, therefore one should not expect them to have permanent guests. If, on the other hand, you can't cope with guests at all, you might be better off in your own apartment.



Show respect and understanding

Listening to music or watching movies in the evening can quickly lead to disturbance of the roommates. Especially if you have to go to work the next day or take an important exam at university. Roommates get a lot of feedback and may not agree with some things. You should check in advance whether your roommates are disturbed by the volume of your music or other plans for the evening. Respecting and showing understanding in return are the cornerstones of living together. Festivities should always be announced in advance and clarified with all roommates. In this way you can ensure that the other roommates are also considerate towards you.

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