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Hello Freedom! Moving out from home November 02, 2018

Bye parents and hello freedom: Moving out from home is on the agenda. But with it comes not only the long-awaited freedom, but also responsibility. Here you can read about all the things you need to consider when starting out in the newly won freedom and how you can succeed in moving out from home.



Money, Money, Money - You can't do without it

Even if you may not have noticed it before, because your parents paid for food, insurance, rent, etc., freedom is expensive! So, before you move out of your parents' warm nest, you should draw up a precise budget plan. Because your budget decides what kind of room in a shared apartment you can afford.


Buy cheap furniture

Once you've found a suitable flat share room for you and your budget, the furnishing is ready. Furnitures - newly bought - are really expensive. But there are cheap alternatives how you can get beautiful furniture: e.g. secondhand shops and Internet offers. But not only the furniture has to be second-hand, electrical goods, decor and crockery can also be found in such places and with a bit of luck you can give your new flat a very own personal charm.



Insurance, telephone and internet

Have you ever thought about insurance? And what about telephone and internet? Not nice topics, but necessary. You have to get a personal liability insurance in any case. This will protect you if you accidentally damage property belongings of third parties. And what about household insurance? It protects - as the name suggests - your household contents, your smartphone and your laptop in the event of property damage or loss. Check with the insurance company of your choice.


Also set up an Internet and telephone connection. Keep in mind that the connection often takes longer, which is why you should take care of it in good times. If you move into an already established shared flat, internet and telephone are usually available and the costs are either already included in the rental agreement or will be added.




Don't forget to change your registration! As a rule, you have 14 days to change your registration. This also applies if you move within the same municipality - the authorities want to know who lives where and since when. In order to register, take your certificate of residence, your identity card and proof of health insurance with you. In addition, note that a registration is usually not free of charge, inform yourself beforehand on the Internet what costs will be incurred after a move.



About Movu

MOVU is a start-up from the heart of Zurich and operates the most successful platform for removals and cleaning in Switzerland. Since 2014, customers have been able to make an enquiry at www.movu.ch and subsequently receive five fixed-price offers from selected partner companies. The service is booked directly via the platform. In addition, relocating customers benefit from a personal customer advisor who is at their disposal free of charge throughout the entire move.

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